About Tutors 4 GCSE

Tuition Services

We provide specialist tuition in Maths, Statistics and English in community venues throughout Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales. We have recently launched GCSE Tuition groups in Rossett, Saltney, Newton, Broughton, Hawarden, Connah's Quay and Mold. Tuition groups in Wrexham, Buckley and Ellesmere Port will be opening soon.

By using a blended learning approach, combining weekly, small group tuition with regular online, interactive homework tasks, our tutors are able to help learners achieve their potential. This is a more cost effective alternative to one-to-one tuition whilst still providing individualised learning.

We can provide GCSE tuition for learners in school years 10 and 11 whether they are following a linear or modular programme at school, as well as Pre-GCSE tuition for those in school years 7 to 9 and Primary tuition for school years 5 and 6. We also offer specific adult groups.

'Learners achieving their full potential' is our priority so whether tuition is intended as a short term catch up, an ongoing supplement to mainstream education or to stretch and challenge an already competent learner TUTORS4GCSE are in an ideal position to help.


Subjects Available

New Subjects Available Soon!

As well as Mathematics, English and our Statistics programmes, Tutors 4 GCSE will soon be offering courses in the following;

  • Core Science
  • Additional Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • ICT

Keep checking back for more information about these new exciting tuition programmes.

Benefits To Learners

These sessions are not like being at school but will use many different approaches to make learning enjoyable. As well as improving subject skills, our approach to learning, builds confidence and increases motivation.



Benefits To Parents

As we provide tuition in small groups (maximum of 6 learners) we are able to provide an affordable alternative to 1-2-1 tuition whilst delivering high quality, individually planned sessions.



Peace Of Mind

All tutors have Enhanced CRB Disclosure and are also experienced in helping learners with additional learning challenges e.g. Dyslexia.



What is Moodle?

Moodle is our dedicated, online learning environment. All registered learners will be provided with password protected access to this facility to support their studies.


Total Understanding

We believe in delivering understanding rather than just teaching the rules. So our tuition is focused on the individual learner achieving their full potential. Within our GCSE Maths tuition for example, we deliver tuition on all areas of maths providing a foundation of understanding so that the topic 'blocks' can be built upon it.

Number: Types of number, Order of number, Directed Numbers, HCF and LCM, Fractions, Decimals, Levels of Accuracy and Estimation, Percentages, Ration & Proportion, Standard Form, Number sequenes and Nth term, Vectors, Surds

Handling Data: Data handling cycle, Types of data, Data Collection, Sampling methods, Questionnaire Design, Indentifying bias, Representing data using charts and graphs, Analysing data using averages (Mean, Median and Mode) and measures of spread (Range), Cumulative frequency tables and graphs, Quartiles and Inter Quartile Range, Interpolation & Extrapolation

Probability: Probability of space, Language of probability, Theoretical and experimental probability, Independent and dependent events, Tree Diagrams

Algebra: Vocabulary, Index notation, Substitution into formulae, solving linear equations and equalities, Simplifying expressions, +/-/x / terms, Expansion and factorisation, Quadratic expansion, Quadratic formula, Simultaneous equations, Solution by quadratic factorisation, Transposition of formulae

Geometry: Bearings, Lines & angles, Parallel lines, 2D and 3D shapes, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Nets, Properties of a circle, Pythagoras theorem, Trigonometry, 2D and 3D problems, Similarity and Congruence, Loci

Graphs: Cartesian co-ordinates, Straight line graphs, Gradient, Intercept, Quadratic graphs, Solving equations graphically, Symmetry, Reflections, Rotations, Translations, Enlargements

Top Frequently Asked Questions


What age groups do you tutor ?

We can provide GCSE tuition for learners in school years 10 and 11 whether they are following a linear or modular programme at school, as well as Pre-GCSE tuition for those in school years 7 to 9 and Primary tuition for school years 5 and 6.  We also offer specific groups for Adult Numeracy and Adult Literacy as well as the associated GCSE's.


What time of year is best to start ?

Learners can join at any time of the year.  If we don't have any space in our existing groups we are happy to open new groups in your local venue.


When and where do tutoring sessions take place ?.

Our tutoring sessions take place in community venues throughout the North West region: Cheshire, Wirral, Flintshire and Wrexham.  This approach means that we are able to set up new sessions where there is most demand and at times to suit the local tutees.  Typically we have centres in local village halls and community centres between 5pm and 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.  Please contact us to find the venue in your area.


What happens in school holidays

Our tuition is available throughout the year; we do not suspend tuition during school holidays.  We believe that this continuity is vital to maintaining momentum.