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Should we make GCSE Maths optional?

In an attempt to raise the Numeracy skills of all school leavers, let’s make GCSE Maths a choice – making it compulsory hasn’t worked !


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Should we make GCSE Maths optional?

In an attempt to raise the Numeracy skills of all school leavers, let’s make GCSE Maths a choice – making it compulsory hasn’t worked !

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Learner of the Month – October

“Since I began English and maths tutoring my grades and confidence have improved. I started in year 9 with a predicted grade D in English and E in maths but now I have been predicted a B in English and an A in maths! Having...

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Learner of the Month – September

“Since I have started maths tutoring I have definitely gained a lot more confidence in maths. Before I started I was studying at Foundation level and was hopeful for a C.   Last year I started studying Higher Tier due to getting a C in my...

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The next steps after GCSE results.

Choosing what to do after receiving your GCSE results can be difficult because there are so many options. Before making your choice there are lots of things you should consider. Good decision making is informed decision making. There are a variety of websites and resources which will help you make your choice about the next few years. (By Holly Williams)

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The Great School Holiday Debate

As the weather is getting warmer and the sun finally makes an appearance, thoughts inevitably turn to holidays. The debate about taking children out of school for family holidays is a contentious one, with Heads generally taking a very dim view of anyone who dares...

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Poor PISA results – is after school tuition the way forward?

As schools, education establishments and the UK Government ruminate over the UK’s rankings in the recent PISA results, there is now a debate gathering pace amongst parents, specialists and teachers about the pressure we place children under today. Is academic achievement the be all and end all? Is a global ranking of countries in terms of who is better at education the right thing to do? What does it all mean at the end of the day?

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Does unlimited access to calculators affect maths results?

There is no doubt that young people today have access to a vast array of technology including mobile phones, iPods, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, which should be embraced in the classroom.  They offer great opportunities to extend learning and engage learners but is unlimited...

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Competition Time – Chester Chronicle Competition

  Win a year of study support for your youngster, worth £720 .. We’ve joined forces with Tutors4GCSE to offer one Chronicle reader the chance to win a year’s worth of out-of-school tuition for their youngster in either Maths or English. Tutors4GCSE is celebrating its...

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Teaching Jobs in Schools

Teaching is a very popular profession and a recent article in the telegraph has shown that teachers are the happiest workers in Britain that is judging by a recent survey. This is accredited to the many perks that are associated with teaching, such as good...

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Does Teachers Pay affect the behaviour and results of students?

Teaching is a big responsibility; and the need to achieve the highest successful performance is definitely a pressure on teachers, even more so when a pay rise is on the line. However, should their performance really be based on the exam results of the students...

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