Frequently Asked Questions


How is Tutors4gcse’s approach different from other tutoring services ? [Back To Top]

Our tutoring approach means that learners work at their own pace on their own areas for improvement, working in a small group with the help of a friendly, supportive tutor. Sessions include a variety of individual, paired and group activities and will include interactive resources when relevant. Learners are also provided with access to our online learning environment to support their studies in between sessions. This can also act as a point of reference for any school homework queries too.

We use a blended learning approach which combines the weekly, small group tuition with regular online, interactive homework tasks, this is how we are best able to help learners achieve their potential. This blended learning approach provides individualised learning within a small group environment.

Our sessions are not like school but will use many different approaches to make learning enjoyable. As well as improving subject skills, our approach to learning, builds confidence and increases motivation.

Sessions have a maximum of six learners, all currently within the same phase of education i.e. Upper Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary or Adult.


How much does your Maths and English tuition cost ? [Back To Top]

We have implemented a very straightforward fee structure:

A registration fee of £25 is required to secure a booking. This fee is applied per learner, regardless of the number of subjects studied.

We provide our blended learning small group sessions at a flat rate of £15 per subject per week, payable monthly. This rate applies to all subjects at all levels.


What age groups do you tutor ? [Back To Top]

We can provide GCSE tuition for learners in school years 10 and 11 whether they are following a linear or modular programme at school, as well as Pre-GCSE tuition for those in school years 7 to 9 and Primary tuition for school years 5 and 6.  We also offer specific groups for Adult Numeracy and Adult Literacy as well as the associated GCSE’s.


What time of year is best to start ? [Back To Top]

Learners can join at any time of the year.  If we don’t have any space in our existing groups we are happy to open new groups in your local venue.


What happens in school holidays ? [Back To Top]

Our tuition is available throughout the year; we do not suspend tuition during school holidays.  We believe that this continuity is vital to maintaining momentum.


What if we don’t have internet access at home ? [Back To Top]

Don’t worry if you don’t have internet access at home.  We can provide paper-based homework tasks if this is more appropriate in your circumstances.  You might find, however, that your child prefers to complete the tasks online and if this is the case they may be able to access the internet in the school library.  We are happy to discuss your individual needs and put a package together for you.


What qualifications and experience do tutors have ? [Back To Top]

Our tutors are all qualified subject specialists, at Tutors4gcse you will not find a geography teacher teaching Maths just because they are free at the right time !

Our tutors are all subject specialists either having an honours degree in their subject together with a Post Graduate teaching qualification or a specific Level 4/5 subject specialist teaching qualification. Tutors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced and are up to date with the recent GCSE specification changes, including Functional Skills. Our tutors are also experienced in supporting learners with additional learning challenges eg. Dyslexia.


When and where do tutoring sessions take place ? [Back To Top]

Our tutoring sessions take place in community venues throughout the North West region: Cheshire, Wirral, Flintshire and Wrexham.  This approach means that we are able to set up new sessions where there is most demand and at times to suit the local tutees.  Typically we have centres in local village halls and community centres between 5pm and 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.  Please contact us to find the venue in your area.


How is learners’ progress assessed ? [Back To Top]

Leaners all undertake a comprehensive Initial Assessment where their current strengths and areas for improvement are identified together with their preferred learning style. An Individual Learning Plan will be compiled detailing short as well as long term targets and an appropriate timescale to achieve them. Learners will then work on their own areas for improvement, at their own pace within an environment of positive and structured support. All session tuition is supported and reinforced by the completion of online, interactive homework tasks.


Do you have parents’ evenings to discuss learners’ progress ? [Back To Top]

Ensuring you are kept up to date is important to us. You will receive details of your child’s Initial Assessment results and information regarding their short and long term targets. Each half term your child’s learning plan will be reviewed and progress towards targets is recorded and provided to you in a learner progress report.  Should you feel that, in addition to this, you would like to discuss your child’s progress directly with their tutor, this can be arranged at a convenient time outside of the tutoring session.


If you have any further questions for our tutors please feel free to contact us.