Tutors 4 GCSE provide specialist Maths, English and Science Tuition for ages 8-18, in community venues throughout the Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.

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Maths, English & Science tuition in North Wales, Cheshire & the Wirral

English tuition

Building communication skills and developing the ability to express ideas effectively will have benefits across the academic curriculum as well as in everyday life.

Our English tutors will help students to write for a specific purpose, summarise and evaluate alongside improving spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.

Maths tuition

Developing mathematical skills involves learning to solve increasingly complicated problems.

Our Maths tutors will help students to develop their problem-solving skills, numerical abilities and the confidence that will help them thrive regardless of their learning style, ability or aspirations.

Intensive GCSE Revision

Based at our Broughton centre, we also deliver intensive GCSE revision sessions during Autumn and Spring Half Term holidays as well as during the Easter holidays.
Maths, English and Science sessions are available as well as National Test and 11+ workshops.

“… I have grasped this topic well and it will help me in my exams”

Louise has been an absolute delight and suited Megan’s personality and learning style perfectly, we will miss her and are immensely grateful for everything she has done

Thank you Sharon, you have helped me sooo much.

“It was fun, practical and mind teasing”

“I am enjoying the sessions and feel more confident”

“I think if I went back to school now I would find maths easier”

Con enjoys coming and feels a lot more confident since his tuition started.

“I have improved on my maths a lot and I have enjoyed the card games … I am enjoying the sessions.”

“[We] were thrilled to see how it [tuition] had transformed her approach to maths. She now has real confidence for the first time we can remember – and seems genuinely enthusiastic.”

[Learner] has been told that she’s moving up to set one in Sept. Can’t believe how much she’s improved. Many thanks for your help in her continuing improvement

Hello and Welcome to Tutors4GCSE

We are the only tuition centre in Chester with qualified, subject specialist teachers delivering Maths, English and Science tuition.

At Tutors4gcse we are focussed on helping your child to achieve their potential - we believe that education should be about more than just ticking a box.

We deliver maths, English and science tuition in small groups throughout Flintshire, Chester and the Wirral.

Why small groups ?

Well, we can offer traditional 1-2-1 tuition if that’s what you specifically want but we find that small groups work best. What children tell us they enjoy most about school is the opportunity to meet up and chat with their friends. Obviously parents’ focus is on the education they receive. Our small groups provide a balance of both.

It is really easy for children to become invisible in a group of 30 or more in school whereas in our small groups (with a maximum of just 6 children) nothing goes unnoticed - our tutors are aware of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our small groups are more active and engaging for children, offer great educational support and are more cost effective for you too.

Students receiving tuition for gcse

Are tutors qualified ?

Our tutors are all qualified teachers who are specialists in their subject. They are as focussed on your child achieving their potential as you are. Our tutors teach, we don’t rely on computer programs, so if your child has struggled with something in school that day, they can bring it with them and ask for help. You can find out more about the individual tutors by visiting the “Meet the Team” page.

What age groups do we tutor?

We offer different small groups for different ages. We start with children as young as 8 years old and go right through to GCSE level.

We provide groups for:-

Lower Primary

For children in school years 2, 3 and 4, we deliver a combined numeracy and literacy session.

Upper Primary

Primary age children, in school years 5 and 6, in preparation for their move to Secondary School.

Key Stage 3 - Lower Secondary

Children in school years 7, 8 and 9 in our Pre-GCSE groups, ensuring a smooth transition to GCSE years.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE years

Learners in school years 10 and 11 as well as those learners who are specifically preparing for their impending exams.

Learner of the Month - February

Erin from Mold Session

Learner comment - Erin, Mold

Erin says:

Tutors4GCSE has enabled me to achieve the best possible outcome in my recent Maths exam. My ability to do every day maths has increased dramatically.

Erin's mum says:

I am very impressed with the dedication that Sharon Hughes has towards her pupils. She endevours to bring out the best in the young people.

My daughter has benefited greatly from the individual attention of an experienced teacher. She has become more self confident in Maths and has recently achieved a B in her first GCSE paper. By achieving this grade has improved her self confidence in all of her subjects and given her self belief that she can achieve. Thank you for all of your support.

Interested but want to know more ?

We feel it is really important that your child enjoys their tuition as well as benefits academically, so we would like to invite them to attend a free trial session. This would be an existing tuition group not an artificial presentation, this way you and your child get to meet the group and the tutor as well as experience our approach first hand, before deciding if it is right for you.

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to send us a few details and we will get back to you with information regarding specific groups in your area, which we feel would be suitable.