Tutors and Venues

Our tutors are all subject specialists either having an honours degree in their subject together with a Post Graduate teaching qualification or a specific Level 4/5 subject specialist teaching qualification.

We provide tuition in community venues throughout North Wales, Cheshire and Wirral, including Mold, Buckley, Hawarden, Hope, Kinnerton, Broughton, Hoole, Upton, Waverton, Tattenhall, Tarporley, Christleton, Huntington,  Ellesmere Port, Great Sutton, Little Sutton, Gresford, Rossett and Wrexham.

What Is Primary Literacy?

The Primary years are fundamental in the development of building blocks for all subjects, but particularly Maths and English. 

Children often find the regular repetition of spelling tests tedious, they often switch off and simply admit they are no good at spelling, even into adulthood. 

By developing understanding rather than relying on a learner’s memory, learning is deeper and longer lasting as well as being quicker and easier to recall.  Our subject specialist tutors are experienced in developing this understanding within a fun and engaging learning environment


Primary English Tuition for school years 5 & 6 - Available in community venues throughout Flintshire, Cheshire and the Wirral

Who is Primary Literacy for?

We offer specific Primary tuition aimed at children in years 5 and 6 as we know that a child with secure Maths and English skills when moving to the Secondary phase will achieve more in all subjects.


How can Primary Literacy Help?

Engaged and motivated learners will be more focussed and receptive to new ideas, they will, as a result, progress more quickly. 

Working together in small groups (maximum of 6) the tutor’s enthusiasm for their subject is absorbed by learners, directly affecting their confidence and willingness discuss ideas for problem solving.