Learning Director takes Maths to the pitch

It was a wonderful community event on Saturday when over 1000 youngsters aged between 9 and 14 came together for the Lions Football Tournament in Bebington. The event, held annually is popular with local and regional youngsters although this year the event was able to boast teams coming from further a field including teams from Crewe, Stafford and St Helens.

One local company who were proud to Sponsor the event are leading regional tutors ‘Tutors4GCSE’. The company who have grown phenomenally recently due to the success of their local tuition groups saw the event as a great way to engage with youngsters and their parents to get them excited about learning.

Sharon Hughes, Director of learning for Tutors4GCSE said;

“We believe that all learners should have the opportunity to achieve their potential, however we strongly believe that children learn in different ways. Maths shouldn’t be restricted to the classroom, maths is all around and in everything we do, sport being a prime example of this. Being here today has allowed us to highlight how some children who ordinarily may struggle with Maths in a classroom setting, flourish when it’s delivered in a fun way that’s engaging or linked to a hobby they enjoy.”

Sharon continued;

“Our whole philosophy is to work with children to lay the foundation of understanding. By developing an understanding for a topic rather than relying on memory, learning is deeper and longer lasting as well as being quicker and easier to recall.”