Learning Director launches revision guidelines

‘Little and often’ is one of the keys to successful revision practice according to Sharon Hughes, Learning Director of regional tutoring company Tutors4GCSE.

“At this time of year students can be feeling the pressure of impending exams, so its important that they have a clear revision plan that will help them to make the most of their revision time " said Sharon. “Revision is more effective if you study a subject for a short period, regularly. Breaking study time down into bitesize chunks makes it more productive and sustainable”.

Sharon continued "In my experience learners become stressed, frustrated and demotivated when they have “been revising” for hours but can’t recite the rules / facts when tested an hour later. Learners need to find the most effective way to revise, for them. There is little benefit in spending hours reading facts from a book, trying to memorise them. It is important to interact with the information somehow – highlighting the main points in different colour pens, reading out loud or recording yourself to play back later.

“As a mum myself I know it’s important to remember that your child wants to do well – it is unlikely they will avoid revision because they can’t be bothered, it is more likely that they are struggling with something or feel that there’s too much to do in such a short space of time. Helping them by producing a revision plan and providing encouragement and reassurance is the way forward. The exam period can be a stressful time for everyone concerned so it’s important to relax and be positive”

“Having identified these best practices we’ve launched our ‘Top 10 Tips to revision’ – guidelines useful to both students and parents” said Sharon “They are free to download now via our website www.tutors4gcse.co.uk