Director of Learning Urges Parents

Director of Learning for regional tutoring company Tutors4GCSE, Sharon Hughes, is stressing to parents the importance of building strong foundations in their children’s learning, following an increase in students who are struggling to develop the building blocks needed for Maths and English.

Sharon, who is a mother of two herself, is concerned about the gaps that form in children’s learning. “Developing a real understanding early on is extremely important. This helps with the transition between primary and secondary education and from year 9 into the GCSE years, and will have long term benefits for children” said Sharon.

Sharon continued “Maths is a subject which requires strong foundations. It’s vital that the foundations are understood so that previous knowledge can be built on when learning is extended to more complex topics – if the understanding is missing early on the wall collapses quite quickly once the GCSE years take over.”

“In my opinion, the methods and teaching approaches can differ dramatically between different phases of education, so ensuring that the building blocks are firmly in place is essential for future success. I advise parents to help their children to focus on developing understanding of topics rather than simply memorising rules. Understanding is much deeper and the time spent on putting in place these foundations will enable quicker recall and a more logical approach to functional skills questions required for both GCSE Maths and English.”