Almost half of employers forced to teach teenagers basic literacy and numeracy skills’

It’s a frightening finding, but this week the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) announced that following a research study they found some 44% of businesses are offering literacy and numeracy tuition amid concerns their young staff are unable to carry out everyday tasks.

The low-levels of basic skill in these subjects have impacted on the worker’s ability to compose ‘coherent memos’ or ‘calculate price discounts in their heads’.

Over two thirds of the employers that were surveyed said that school and college leavers lacked vital ‘employability’ skills, whilst over 55% said they struggled to manage their time or routine.

The findings come as the Government prepares to launch a radical overhaul of skills training for 14 to 19 year olds.

Commenting on the findings, Director of Learning, Sharon Hughes of regional tutoring company Tutors4GCSE said ’I’m not surprised by the outcome of this research study. In my opinion the problem is not funding or access to learning, but rather a lack of engaging content and delivery’.

‘Our Secondary schools lack specialist Maths and English teachers, however the foundations of these topics are delivered in the primary school sector, often by teachers who have no more than a Grade C at GCSE themselves. It is not reasonable to expect them to have a depth of knowledge sufficient to enthuse and engage young learners, at this early stage.’

Sharon continued ‘Too much emphasis is on learners ’remembering’ rules rather than engaging with these subjects in a meaningful way. There should be more focus on understanding and the application of knowledge which would make all school leavers more employable’.

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