Learner of the Month – September

Since I have started maths tutoring I have definitely gained a lot more confidence in maths. Before I started I was studying at Foundation level and was hopeful for a C.   Last year I started studying Higher Tier due to getting a C in my mock exams in year 9 – thanks to maths tutoring.


I have now been doing maths tutoring for 2 years and I have seen a massive improvement, which was definitely reflected in my recent GCSE maths grade (a B!) I am now carrying on with maths tutoring to try to reach my aspirational grade of an A.


My maths ability has changed drastically due to tutoring which may come as a surprise as we only attend once a week. However, you will be surprised how the extra session of maths actually helps.


The teaching is excellent and I have made many new friends who are in the same situation as me, which is reassuring.

Thank you Sharon and others for everything you have done for me 🙂

Molly from Mold Session


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