What Influences students and their attitudes towards school and education?

Entertainment, and enjoyment during free social time from work or school is essential for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. The saying, “work hard, play hard” is a good way to remind people and students the importance of getting the balance between the two right. Most of us strive to be professionally successful but recognise the need for down time as necessary to achieve our full potential.


Today the most common forms of entertainment for young people are movies, music, various activities and socialising with their friends. However, are the activities that students witness young people their own age enjoying in the latest Hollywood films influencing them in a positive way? Despite films being rated by law to show what the government believes is the correct level of suitability for different age groups, many young people are influenced by what they see on the screen and aspire to be like, and do what their favorite actors do and enjoy in the latest and most popular films. These activities can include, drinking, smoking, and skipping school to put the central focus on making the plot line of the film entertaining, using the school environment merely as a setting or tool.


These arguments centered on the limited emphasis placed on education despite the fact that the setting of the film may be in a school, and the actors being young students, the film doesn’t show a true portrayal of a school environment. Granted, there is more need and pressure for producers to make the film entertaining so it becomes a success at the box office, rather than to be exactly true to life, because at the end of the day people watch films to be taken away from reality, not be reminded of it.


This means that young people are watching their favourite actors eagerly do what is considered wrong and unacceptable in society. However, clearly there is little to be done about this, as it is simply the way that modern world entertainment has evolved, and the films are enjoyable to watch. Those with the belief that films today are influencing students in a negative way seem to be forgetting that there are also many other influences out there that can be claimed are as equally damaging to students attitudes towards education. Another important point is that there are also educational films that can benefit young people who find that watching is better than reading, which now seems ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘uncool’.


Looking at the bigger picture, people need to focus more on how teachers can help keep students entertained, involved and encouraged when they are at school, so they enjoy their time there, can reach their full potential and get the best possible results for their future. It is important to remember that forms of entertainment, including films are a necessity for everyone to enjoy in moderation with their work, or school studies.

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