What impact does the layout and design of a classroom have on education?



Recently there have been questions over new school buildings and the standardisation of the classrooms that are now being implemented in schools as they expand to accommodate more students. The fact that the layout and design of a classroom can be an important influence on students and their education has never really been much of a consideration in previous years. Now people are realising how improvements can be made in schools that will benefit the pupils to give them the best opportunity possible.


A new study has ignited this debate and a confrontation between teachers and the government has arisen. The study has claimed that a well-designed classroom can improve the progress a student makes by as much as 25%. If schools are facing funding from the government for building improvements or extensions, then what is the harm is spending the money in a way in which students are most likely to benefit from? Architects have also backed the teachers claiming that though the cost may be slightly higher, well designed classrooms will have the best long term standards compared with the previous regulated school building designs. Building in a way that is acting as much for now as for the future, is the most efficient way of providing for students in the years to come.


Michael Gove has exclaimed that these ideas are nothing more than an “extravagance” and that in actual fact students will benefit more if new buildings in schools are implemented at a standard cost, then any money left in the budget can go towards benefiting the education system by being implemented into other aspects of schools, such as materials to be used in class, or more modern equipment to be made accessible to students to use in the school environment.


This sounds wonderful and entirely logical in theory, but what can we actually believe? Teachers themselves have stood up for any new classrooms to be well designed so that the learning space is as effective as it can be for the students.Why would the government want to go against that when they are the ones that work in the environment, and see first hand how students work best and how they can achieve more in different environments. The ultimate aim needs to remain in focus, and that is the education of the students themselves. By having well-designed classrooms, students will benefit from them for years to come. Equipment and materials are also important in making schools engaging and exciting for the students. However, in the big picture if the foundation of a good school is in the building design itself then this needs to be implemented in any new builds or improvements to schools that are being commissioned by the government.

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