The Great School Holiday Debate

As the weather is getting warmer and the sun finally makes an appearance, thoughts inevitably turn to holidays. The debate about taking children out of school for family holidays is a contentious one, with Heads generally taking a very dim view of anyone who dares to even request a term-time break.

When holiday prices can double from one week to the next, it is easy to understand why some parents decide the wrath of the Head is one worth bearing.

Will Michael Gove’s suggestion, that schools plan their own holiday arrangements, help or hinder the problem of vastly inflated holiday prices during school holidays?

As parents, we have never considered such a decision, until now …

Living in Flintshire but choosing to educate our children in Cheshire has caused a few minor issues over the years but never more so than Easter 2014. My husband works at Airbus, a major local employer with in excess of 5000 staff, many of whom will find themselves in a similar situation to ours, because they live in England but work in Wales.

The problem?
Airbus has decided that this year’s compulsory shutdown will take place for a week at Easter, a week which coincides with the Flintshire school holidays but doesn’t match up with Cheshire’s. So our son is off school for 2 weeks commencing 7th and 14th April whilst my husband’s compulsory holiday is week commencing 21st April.

So given this unfortunate set of circumstances, which is completely beyond our control, we are about to make one of those frowned upon term-time holiday requests.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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