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Teaching is a very popular profession and a recent article in the telegraph has shown that teachers are the happiest workers in Britain that is judging by a recent survey. This is accredited to the many perks that are associated with teaching, such as good holidays, and finding the job a challenge as well as interesting and rewarding. Researchers suggest that happiness at work comes from what people get out of their job, and educating and spending time with young and influential people is something many people enjoy and certainly very rewarding in their day to day life.


Some speculation as to how the job has changed and is changing has led to some teachers commenting to others that they wish they had their ‘old teaching job’ back. Education is something fluid and constantly changing and as with any job it is going to develop, grow and change over time as society also changes with new and modern ideas. Interestingly studies show that men are generally put off applying to be primary school teachers because it is seen as being a ‘woman’s job’ which is a very sexist and dated view that seems to still dominate peoples minds. Statistics have shown that actually only 12% of the teachers in primary schools were male. However, when asking children what they want to become when they are older, being a teacher was a very popular answer.


From standardized teaching of the past, in which the essential learning was reading, writing and arithmetic, there is now a much broader curriculum, which is regarded as essential for children to gain a good and well-rounded education. Methods and technologies used in the classrooms to teach have also changed. However, the reality of this situation is that every job changes to keep up with current developments to ensure they don’t get left behind, and teachers need to be aware and adaptable to new modern methods. Students need to be aware and understand what is new and upcoming in technology, as they will be using these technologies in their future careers and paths.


One aspect of the teaching profession that never changes is the very reason why people go into teaching in the first place, because they want to work with young people and find a happy and fulfilling job teaching and being a role model for the younger generations that are still discovering what they want to be and what they want to do in the future.

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