Subject Choices?


There is constantly deliberation and consideration by the department of education with regard to how much time needs to be spent with specific subjects in schools. The three core subjects considered essential are, English, Math’s and Science and therefore more timer per week is allotted to these subjects compared with others that are classed as secondary subjects, to give a rounded education to pupils.


All students need to have a good education and that is why schools make it compulsory for students to study English Math’s and Science up until their GCSE’s after which they then have the choice and freedom to study what they wish as they go into sixth form and onto further education. However when students are studying their GCSE’s shouldn’t they have more choice in what subjects they spend more time on in school? Everyone has subjects they are weaker in than others, and by being able to spend more time on these subjects than others, would serve to give students a better chance in getting high grades in their exams?


Many schools in England and Wales try their best within their abilities to give students a well-rounded education so they have the best advantage to make a decision about what they want to do or be in the future. Giving students as many experiences as possible is important so they are fully aware of what is available for them to pursue in their future lives and careers.  As it now stands students are given some aspect of freedom when they enter year 10 and begin studying the first year of their GCSE’s and they have some choice in what they want to study. However, despite this, restrictions ensure that every student has to study the three core subjects, at least one humanity subject and in some cases a foreign language regardless on whether the student wishes to study these or not.


We have certainly gone a long way from the previous years of education where students were graded on only their academic ability rather than also exploring and helping them to develop their creative and more vocal talents as well. Emphasis on academic achievement is important to help and encourage students but this doesn’t mean that those students that don’t want to go to university should be sidelined. Being given the chance to study the subjects that will help them the most in their future is important to give them the best chance, even if these subjects are those considered to not be important such as art, or music, students still deserve to be given the choice.

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