School League Tables: Are disadvantaged children missing out?

On the surface, school league tables are designed to help compare educational institutions but they also provide us with an insight into society, the education system and the way our children are being looked after. Every year the tables show something different, so what does this year’s information tell us?


The biggest issue which arises from this year’s league tables concerns the less fortunate children. Only a third of Children who receive free school meals go on to achieve good grades in 5 GCSEs inc Maths and English. Does this mean that schools aren’t doing enough to help out those who are already disadvantaged? At Tutors4GCSE we believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential so to see that some pupils are missing out on getting the essential five GCSEs is extremely disheartening.


Our children are the future and we need to make sure that everything is being done to teach them that no matter what their background is, their possibilities are endless. Schools need to encourage all their pupils to reach for the stars and provide extra educational support to those who need it. We can only hope that the league tables will inspire schools to take action and work to change things so that all their students achieve GCSEs in Maths and English, not just the more fortunate ones.


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