Private vs Public Schools


They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but can it buy children a better rate of education? The cost of what people believe is a good education is far too expensive for majority, ranging to thousands of pounds per term, per child. This is unaffordable for many, yet does this mean children are missing out on getting a good education because of the financial status of their parents? Money and affordability of something like education is a very sensitive issue. Parents undoubtedly want the best for their children and for them to have the best start in life.


There is always a luxury market for everything in which people with money can spend on what they believe to be better quality, so it’s not surprising that private schools are in existence. The main concern is that children from poorer and less privileged backgrounds that are extremely clever and full of potential find they have no option of going to a private school. Could this impact upon them as an individual reaching their potential, and are private schools really everything they are rated to be when we consider that many people in high paid and intellectually demanding jobs attended a public school as a child?


The majority of us experience the public school system and still go on to be successful in our chosen careers after having enjoyed our school years. It can give children a stronger sense of the world with more opportunity to interact and develop social skills and how to act in different social situations. The private school environment comprises of much smaller classes so that teachers have more time to help their students individually. However, having children from similar backgrounds together in a learning environment could mean they may miss out on how to socialize with people from all backgrounds, something that’s an incredibly important life skill to develop.


Everyone wants to have the best of the best, but private schools and public schools both have their benefits. Smaller classrooms and better teacher’s sounds like a far better learning environment than what a public school can offer. But looking more closely public schools are also an excellent education for children to receive, as they will learn not only academic topics and subjects but also how to interact and live competently in the world they will all enter when they go into further education and then jobs.


The standard public school system gives a better experience for children as a whole and shouldn’t be downgraded by the emphasis that is placed on private education by those that have the money to spend on it. It should be comforting to realise that despite the advantages those with money can buy themselves, ability can not be purchased, and students that are eager and capable will elevate themselves to where they want to be in the future regardless as to whether they attended a public or a private school when they were children.

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