Primary Workshops to help students?

Primary Workshops serve as an intervention in schools and are intended to help those students that are working on the borderline of a C/D grade when they sit their GCSE’s to help them achieve the best they can. These are becoming more common across the country as parents, schools, and even pupils themselves which to do everything they can to pass their GCSE’s with the best results possible. There are of course those that question not the need of these workshops in schools, but the system of teaching in schools, which makes these workshops necessary for many students in preparation for their exams.


Do methods of teaching need to be addressed so that students working at a borderline C/D grade get the extra help they need in class to ensure they achieve the C grade rather than the D? Teachers may also be frustrated by the fact they can’t always spend the extra time with every student that needs them due to the increased number of students per class, all working at different levels and with varying enthusiasm, which makes finding enough extra time for every individual student extremely difficult.


Tutors4gcse, runs both English and Math’s workshops in schools, acting as an extra support for those that wish to give their students a helping hand when preparing for their exams. Having a team of qualified and experienced teachers to run workshops allows for schools to know their students are benefiting from extra time in which to learn and prepare for their exams, without placing any extra strain on teachers themselves or the curriculum they have to follow. Fun activities are included in the workshops to help students relax and feel more comfortable while motivating them in their studies and to improve on their skills and knowledge.


With all the benefits that these workshops offer to students it is easy to see why schools, and parents would want for them to be available for their pupils/children when they are preparing to sit their GCSE exams. They allow for students to gain confidence in their studies, which motivates them and can raise their own expectations of what they are able to achieve when they apply themselves to their studies. Teachers themselves have claimed that these workshops can be a more relaxed environment for pupils, which can remove barriers that students face when learning in a standard class environment, where there are many pupils for a teacher to consider with a set lesson plan to follow to ensure they cover everything present on the module.


It seems more of these Workshops are needed to be made available to students through their schools. Many pupils would benefit from the workshops but are simply unaware of them. With more schools offering these workshops as an activity for students to participate in and by promoting it well to students and parents more pupils will achieve the help them need in preparation for their exams, so why do people question how pupils learn as long as they get all the help they need to achieve?

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