Maths in Schools – why are our children ‘switching off’?

Good numeracy skills are the most important life skills our children can develop.  Unfortunately, it seems like this is something which schools are not pushing the benefits of enough. With new figures revealing Britain is trailing far behind other countries when it comes to teenagers studying maths to a good level – surely it’s time to address the problem and discover whether there is a genuine barrier pupils are facing or if they are just being ‘put off’ the subject?


Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME), Professor Stephen Sparks, has suggested that lessons focused on ‘tests’ and the procedures of sums are to blame for poor numeracy as they do not give a well-rounded understanding of the subject. He could very well be right – we are great believers in showing children how Maths can be applied to real world situations and everyday life.  The way to get young people engaged in the subject is to explain it in a way that is exciting and easy to take in.


There is undeniably a problem with the level of numeracy in this country; you only need to look at the fact that last year 27,000 teenagers left school with the numeracy skills of a seven-year-old or worse and only 13% of A Level students choose to study the subject.


It’s not just at secondary level that pupils are ‘switching off’ from Maths, many children are said to find Maths ‘boring’ even before they leave primary school, a shocking reality. It is up to schools to adopt a new, more fun, approach to Maths which could have the ability to change students’ attitudes to the subject and re-engage them.


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