How has Teaching Changed?

Teaching is a very desirable profession, it is a job that will not only stand the test of time, but is also rewarding to help students achieve their potential. However, it is a career path that is also ever changing, and questions over technology and its influence on teaching is continually debated amongst teachers, academics and even parents.

New technology and learning methods have changed the method of teaching in schools, and the standards that teachers need to aspire to are also changing rapidly. Fifty years ago there was no need for computer classes, though now it is essential to teach children and students how to use such technology that will become an active tool not only in their everyday life, but also in their future work environment.


The way that children learn themselves has also changed. Teachers that have been in the profession for many years have commented that over the years children have become more difficult to manage and it has become harder to keep them focused on tasks in the classroom. There has been the argument that with constant interaction with technology and the influence of the TV shows, children are becoming more used to learning visually and in a way that is entertaining to them. Teachers therefore find they need to adapt the classic learning techniques and lesson plans they have been trained in, and bring new and more modern ways of learning to schools, in order to get the most out of the students.


Sometimes schools are restricted in creating lesson plans that involve the use of technology due to the lack of funding and equipment they receive, and many do say that the old ways of learning are actually the best suggesting that students are at school to learn and not have fun. This is a very old fashioned and backward view to have. Society is moving forward and so are schools and methods of education.


Very pessimistic people will claim teaching is something people do as a second choice of their ideal and preferred career and so they are not truly motivated in what they do. It is true that anyone with a university degree can take further qualifications to become a teacher, though they need to be passionate about teaching as well as adaptive to new situations with the changing methods and learning techniques being introduced to keep students interactive and interested in their studies. Teachers also follow a curriculum and really need to act as a guide to their students, which is something that is very unlikely to change over time.


The very purpose of education is to prepare students for their futures and as society is progressing at such a fast pace, technology is going to be a key element to the future of the students, in everyday life as well as in their prospective work environments. Teachers should try their best to keep their students engaged with adaptive lesson techniques, using technology where ever possible to keep them interested and keen on their studies.

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