Does Education in Schools need to be Modernised?


With this ever changing, and modern world that we now live in, it worries some that certain institutions, such as education are getting left behind as me move forward. Technology such as smart phones, ipads, ebooks, and apps are beginning to dominate the way we live our lives and are now integrated as normal everyday accessories that people own. Does education need to be modernised to fit in and compliment the way in which we now live our day-to-day lives? Being able to use these technologies effectively and responsibly is a skill children need to learn when living in a modern society. Rather than simply banning and ignoring technology in schools, they should be teaching students how to use them for things other than games and social networking.


Complaints from teachers about mobiles and social networking sites really need to be placed into a larger context. The reality is that the vast majority owns a mobile phone, and they are no longer regarded as a luxury or expensive item, but as a necessary tool in today’s world. Another reality is that the form of sending paper invitations is now generally preserved for more special occasions such as weddings and christenings. Everything else is organised through phone calls, texting or by creating an event on a social networking site. Whether we like it or not technology has been developing and now even come to dominate aspects of living in our society. Shouldn’t we actually be encouraging schools to teach students how to use these technologies appropriately and responsibly to benefit from all the rewards they offer.


Students and young people are generally fixated on technology and seem to be the experts on all things new and modern. Yet now many companies, universities and job sites use applications, online tests and assignments to recruit young people. This is just one example of why it is important for students to be taught what is available to them through the technologies around them.


Attitudes from schools that various technologies should to be banned need to go, and instead they need to embrace change and encourage students so they are able to guide them on how to use these technologies to further their education and get jobs. The problem’s that phones cause in class is unfortunately always going to be there, but banning them all together is not the best solution for the future. Normal aspects of life are now being accessed through the Internet, almost everything now has an app that you can access through your smart phone, ipad or on your computer.


The system of education needs to integrate aspects of technology into their curriculum, as it has now become not just a luxury but also a way in which people live their lives. It’s important that young people know how these technologies can be used to their advantage, for example for university, jobs and their future careers rather than just for games and socialising.

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