Do Schools need to focus on the bigger picture and not concern themselves with irrelevant issues?

There is always emphasis placed on schools regarding the methods of teaching, education and how students benefit but even with these endless debates, the government and schools spend the majority of their time focusing on problems that are really of minimum significance. When looking at the bigger picture schools need to focus on the education of their students and what they can do to benefit their learning rather than putting all their energy into debating minimalist issues like school uniforms, league tables and class sizes.


In America there are very few schools that have a uniform policy for their students and it is believed this allows for individuality, and can be less hassle for parents to buy both the uniform and everyday clothes for their children every term. However, in the UK the majority of schools have a school uniform policy and students quickly become used to wearing it. The benefits are clear, students are all the same and there is less opportunity for bullying over what someone else in the class is wearing, and as it also prevents any inappropriate clothing being worn by students which could disrupt the school environment. The pro’s and con’s can be debated over and over, but whether students wear a uniform or not actually has little impact on what schools need to be focusing their attention on, the students themselves and how they can improve the way they educate and get students involved in their studies.


Class sizes also take up huge areas of debate amongst teachers and parents. The smaller the class then the more time the teacher will have to give individual help with each student. The ideal number for a class is debated but in many schools in the UK an average class size is around twenty-five students. In private schools this number is obviously reduced and the teacher has less to deal with and more time to explain and help. However, schools are focusing on this rather than actually looking at the bigger picture. Minimising the average class size in every school will only cause huge problems with there not being enough places in schools for the number of children in an area, so what is the point in debating over it? Schools should instead be trying to find ways to improve their system of educating students and deal with the situation in the best way possible by improving the quality of learning for the students.


It seems as though the government and schools are focusing on problems that are insignificant because it is easier to focus on them than trying to tackle the bigger issues that would benefit the students and their achievements far more. Schools need to put their priorities in order and decide what is actually of the most importance to benefit their pupils, rather than focusing on league tables, uniforms and statistics. They need to focus on helping students achieve the best they possibly can, and ensure they enjoy their time at school. This needs to be at the forefront of debate and talks of change, not issues that are only vaguely related to the very purpose of education.


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