Challenges over GCSE’s

Challenges over GCSE grades


Students, teachers and even local councils are now challenging the decision over GCSE grades, which they claim has left thousands of students in England with lower final grades than they had expected and hoped for. Exam boards state that they have acted fairly in order to do their duty and maintain the exam standards in the UK in both a lawful and respectable way. However, as the exam boards moved the grade boundaries, which had a huge impact on the grades students received, this has created huge arguments and debates as the majority feel they have been short changed by this decision.


Teachers claim that, “Thousands of young people in England were unfairly downgraded in June to compensate for mistakes made earlier in the year with the grading of exams.” Yet despite this comment, it can be argued that exam standards in education do need to be re established, which may be the very reason why the GSCE grade boundaries were altered, but at what point does this need to stop?  Endless debates center around what the exam boundaries should be for each subject which links in with the similar concerns over the idea that GCSE’s are becoming too easy. So many pupils are now achieving very high GCSE grades when compared with the standard level of results that have been achieved in previous years.


This issue is still ongoing, though its clear students, parents and even teachers are not happy with how they have been treated by the very exam boards that pupils need to trust and have faith in to mark their exam papers fairly, and not have to worry about them changing the grade boundaries last minute.  The main concern being for the students themselves and the hopes they have for their future. Despite what plans pupils may have once they finish their GCSE’s the grades they receive are certainly of great importance. Changing the grade boundaries can sometimes make the difference between getting a D grade or a C grade at GCSE. Employers, colleges and universities all wish to know the GCSE achievements of the young people they are considering so exam results are a very influencing factor.


Grade boundaries need to be standard so that pupils are all marked fairly, and most importantly receive the grades that they have worked so hard for and deserve. GCSE’s are extremely important for students as a stepping-stone to their future so it is understandable how people are concerned with how exam boards can change the grade boundaries so easily. This leads to the question of how exams are standardized for pupils, and what do these actually mean? The very purpose of these exams can be questioned. However, at the end of the day if exams must be changed to keep them challenging and up-to date with curriculums and expectations then those changes need to be made at the beginning of an academic year. This way students wont be impacted negatively halfway through their studies.

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