Are School Trips as beneficial as they appear to be?

Its common practice for schools to organise trips and days out for classes when there is something relevant to what they are learning about for their exams, and despite the questions as to how much learning and education actually goes on during these excursions they are good experiences and in come cases invaluable opportunities for students to be involved in something they may never have had the chance to before.


Opinions always differ, but parents and schools overall seem to champion these experiences for the students. A one-day trip to a local museum may be something some students would never have experienced before as its something their parents either wouldn’t think of doing, or simply wouldn’t have the time to do with them on say the weekend. In this case its easy to see how school trips are allowing students more opportunities that will help them with their education. The various new experiences may propel them forward into wanting to become involved in something they would never have been aware of before. However, schools need to limit where and when they take students on these trips so as to ensure they are remaining beneficial experiences, and not becoming a hindrance on the education system.


These school trips, whether they are simply a day or afternoon going somewhere on a bus, or a week away in a foreign country, it seems clear that schools and teachers need to spend more time planning these outings so that there is enough emphasis on learning and education rather than becoming so caught up in the change of scene the students actually take very little knowledge or understanding away with them after the outing. The excuse of it being stressful and the need to keep ensuring that all the students are in the right place at the right time, and no one has become lost, should not be one used by teachers when questioned on how much actual learning goes on during the trips away from the normal classroom environment where they are generally in control and can easily take charge of the class.


Some parents have said they may not be able to afford to pay for their children to go on endless school trips through out the year which needs to be considered by schools when they go ahead with plans but its hard not to say that in moderation school trips are beneficial for students and should definitely continue. Education as a whole should excite students and introduce them to new ideas as well as experiences which is something these schools trips certainly do. By having the chance to experience various new things and become aware of many different ideas at such a young age is invaluable for giving students a fighting chance at making a decision about their future as early as possible. so as to give them the best advantage possible in what they want to do in the future.


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