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School League Tables: Are disadvantaged children missing out?

On the surface, school league tables are designed to help compare educational institutions but they also provide us with an insight into society, the education system and the way our children are being looked after. Every year the tables show something different, so what does...

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Homework – Best Served Daily …

Homework is an odd yet common creature that tends to bring a grimace of distaste to faces of students, especially if mentioned on Sunday afternoon. Homework, as studies show, also tends to dangerously build up and thus ruin any social or entertainment plans. Overall, it’s not exactly the most appealing part of the school life. And that truly is a shame.

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What value … qualifications and experience ?

Ever wished you could have a nice, well-paid job where you are your own boss and nobody even checks your qualifications? A job where you can directly influence the future of your subordinates without any regulation whatsoever? A job where you create and impose the rules? Simple. Become a freelance tutor in whatever subject you liked at school.

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Not another brick in the wall

Okay, so here’s the situation: There’s a classroom, a big square room with windows so temptingly open to the outside world. Inside – some thirty, maybe forty young people and one adult supposed to press some knowledge into heads of all of them. In an hour. What’s wrong with the picture?

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